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What happens when a patient does not follow a doctor post-surgery?

Often they do not tell their doctor many health related issues. Patient’s often miss missing appointments, deciding not to follow up on referrals, missing tests, avoiding filling prescriptions, or simply stopping taking medication.

Patient’s non follow up can be often dangerous for the patient and frustrating for the physician. While evidence varies, some reports note that, depending on the condition and complexity of treatment, non-follow by patients may be as high as 40%.1 It can also lead to additional costs to the medical system due to an increase in complications and hospitalization, and as a result multiply the medico-legal risk for doctors.

Patients may not heed the guidance provided by their physicians for several reasons. Changes may be difficult for the patient, either because of other obligations, lack of commitment, interest, or understanding. Patients may not completely comprehend the ramifications of not following through on tests and appointments, or of neglecting to take medications.

We have decided to build this App which will effectively streamline the communication between Doctor and Patient through various user friendly features of the App.